What We Do

YEAB supports the needs of young people in Brunei and around the region as they attempt to build and thrive in both their personal and professional lives. The organization is founded with mission to ensure access to a network of entrepreneurial experience and facilities to nurture an enterprising culture.

We believe our generation is unlike any other. Our determination to succeed at an early age, and make extraordinary things happen, is a common bond that we celebrate here. Our goal is to open up a whole new world of opportunities, relationships and resources for you.

President's Message


Dear fellow Young Entrepreneurs of Brunei Darussalam

YEAB is the principal association that represents young Bruneian entrepreneurs regardless of their stage of business evolution: Previous, Current, Future.  YEAB draws its strength from being an entity that provides a platform that nurtures entrepreneurial leadership and creativity as we believe that access to knowledge, experience, inspiration and networking contribute to the future of the nation. 

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